6th Irish Supercomputer List: Irish HPC capacity doubles, new #1, three new Top500-class machines!

In a dramatic shake-up of the Irish High Performance Computing landscape, the 6th Irish Supercomputer List was announced today. The new list features six new machines at positions 1, 2, 3, 8, 20 and 27. The top three machines are Top500-class, currently featuring at positions  357, 453, and 454 on the 47th Top500 list. These three machines combined have a performance of 981 Teraflop/s, nearly 1.5 times the combined power of all 28 machines on the December 2015 list.

The result is a more than doubling of Ireland’s total HPC output. Combined, all machines on the Irish Supercomputer List now have a total processing power of 1.42Petaflop/s (Petaflops).

Additionally, this new power results in Ireland ranking at #2 in the world in terms of number of Top500 systems per capita, and #11 in the world in terms of computing capacity (Rmax) per capita.

With 6 new machines, 7 decommissionings, and 2 upgrades, the June 2016 list experienced a turnover of over half of the December 2015 list.

This list features a number of firsts:

  • First time Irish aggregate HPC power exceeds 1 Petaflop
  • First time in two years that Ireland has featured on the Top500 list
  • First time Ireland has had three machines on the Top500 list since June 2012
  • First time with a turnover of over half of the previous list
  • First time that aggregate list power has increased by a multiple of the previous power

List highlights:

  • Total number of systems: 27
  • 6 new installations
  • 2 upgraded installations
  • 7 decommissionings
  • Aggregate performance: 1.42 Petaflops (PFlop/s)
  • > 86,000 processor cores

View the full list at www.IrishSupercomputerList.org

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