2017 summer internship

Paid summer internship on a funded ACM research project.  Location: UCD School of Computer Science, Dublin Ireland.

I am looking for a summer intern to work on a research project funded by a grant from the Association of Computing Machinery (ACM) Special Interest Group in Computer Science Education (SIGCSE). This work will begin around June and be complete by September 2017. There is some flexibility in the schedule.

This research will collect, categorize and analyze the learning outcome statements of CS1 courses across a large, diverse set of institutions. This will provide an answer to the question: What exactly are we expecting our novice programming students to achieve? This will allow the CS education community to decide if, as recent evidence has suggested, we have unrealistic expectations of our CS1 students. If this is indeed the case, the outputs of this research will also provide a starting point for the community to adjust its expectations of novice programmers. This could result in improvements in failure rates, retention, diversity and equity in CS education.

The project will require 10-12 weeks of full-time paid work. The outputs of this research will aim to be published in a leading ACM journal or conference. The student intern will directly contribute to this effort and could be a co-author on the publication should it be accepted and if the student’s work meets the ACM policy on authorship.

This is an excellent opportunity for any goal-oriented undergraduate student looking to gain real-world experience on a funded research project and who would like to start or enhance their publication history.

This internship is suitable for Computer Science students, but students outside of Computer Science may apply if they have the required technical skills. This includes web development and databases, as well as general Computer Science and Programming knowledge. A good work ethic, attention to detail, and written communication skills are required. References from module lecturers or similar may form part of your application.

Applications are accepted through April 31, 2017. The anticipated start date will be around June 2017 and be finished by the beginning of the September semester. There is some flexibility in the work schedule.

Interested students can apply by sending their CV and supporting relevant documentation to Dr. Brett Becker.