Lots happening in the four national supercomputer lists

There has been a lot happening with the only four known national / regional supercomputer lists lately. Here is a brief on each of the four countries and at the bottom, links to all.


Until now the Chinese list has been difficult to find, easier at some times, and at other times it seems to disappear completely. Additionally, attempts to translate it into English with Google translate yielded moderate results at best. However the China list has just been released in an English language version through the Top500 – not hard to find any more! Hopefully this will be a regular happening. See here for more info.


India has just announced a $730 million program to bolster its standing as a supercomputing power, which currently isn’t what it used to be. See here for more info.

Commonwealth of Independent States

The Commonwealth of Independent States (a regional organisation whose participating countries are former Soviet Republics, including the Russian Federation) have had a top 50 supercomputer list since 2004, however I have only recently been made aware of this nice explanation. Their list (below) translates well with Google translate.


Back on the Emerald Isle, things have cooled off with list #3 in November 2014, compared to the explosive growth seen between list #1 in November 2013 and list #2 in June 2014. This year, due to ISC 2015 being in July instead of June, the Top500 (and therefore the Irish Supercomputer List which always lags the Top500 by a week) will be released in July.

The Lists:


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